Mandalay Wellbeing CIC

Established as Mandalay Wellbeing CIC in August 2017 our aim has always been to help people in need. Hopefully our history shows that we did our best. It has been an incredible journey and somehow we have survived, this is all down to the many volunteers who have kindly given their time and skills to support what we do. We don’t have salaried employees and basically live hand to mouth with the occasional successful funding application we do receive plus the events we put on with business and individual donations.

After changing our name to Football Against Dementia CIC in 2022 it became very clear that we had to change and develop our business to make it more targeted and manageable.

As of now we run two projects, Football Against Dementia, helping people with dementia and Take A Chance On Me, helping people into employment/volunteering.

It was a very difficult decision to make these changes, but without support, were unable to maintain everything.

The last 6 years is summarised better than we could ever do by ‘Ricky Gervais’. (Ricky, please don’t sue us !)