Social Plugger –  Digital wellness resources

Social Plugger –  Digital wellness resources

We are delighted to introduce Social Plugger, a pioneering social enterprise dedicated to improving wellbeing in our society. Our purpose is to help individuals embrace happier and healthier lifestyles via the use of digital wellness resources.

Formed in 2019 as a direct response to the increasing shortcomings of the social care system. Our goal is to provide individuals with access to digital wellness resources, which can help them to live a more content and healthier life.

Our cross-sector partnerships have already allowed us to reach a wide audience, but to deliver our service to all those who need it most, we must join forces with existing community networks.

SP Radio is the latest in our broad range of digital wellness tools, borne out of our extensive research into supporting mental health with music. The result of a joint effort of wellness mentors, health care professionals, and musicians. SP Radio is a audio streaming platform that provides people with easy access to therapeutic music stations and wellness tools, completely free of charge.

The app offers 10 benefit-focused radio stations that broadcast 24/7 music without any ads. Whether you want to relax and de-stress, stay focused or something else, SP Radio has you covered.

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